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  • Hear Nathalie talk about how Health Counseling can help you.
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    "What is Holistic Health Counseling?" - 3:20

  • Nathalie discusses how to sucessfully balance these foods.
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    "Nathalie is an exceptional massage therapist; she knows exactly where I need special attention and is able make me feel "normal" again after each session. A relationship between a client and her massage therapist requires trust and I trust her explicitly..."

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    "Working with Nathalie has improved my quality of life. From the Thai Yoga massages that improve my physical AND mental health to the nutritional counseling that has made me much more aware of the importance of what/when/how I eat, meeting Nathalie has been a blessing..."

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    Welcome to Vitamin N!

    Closely trained under Marc David at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating

    Nathalie Blitz, the owner of Vitamin N is one of the very few cerified couselors in the field of Eating Psychology in Boston!

    Vitamin N is a health-promoting practice that specializes in mind-body health & nutrition coaching, healthy cooking classes and Thai Yoga massages. in the process you will have a better understaning about the relationship between you, and your body and your food choices. We incorporate your gender, age, lifestyle, occupation, blood-type, ancestry, likes and dislikes so you are sure to find your own unique diet and lifestyle.

    Unless you have a plan that is practical, works with your lifestyle, and takes your individuality into account, the changes you have worked so hard to make will not last.

    Services Offered Include:

    • Health & Nutrition Coaching
    • Private Cooking Classes
    • Group Health Consultations and Coaching
    • Thai Yoga Massage Therapy
    • Group Cooking Demonstrations
    • Healthfood Store Tours

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    Are you concerned with the health and productivity of your employees? We can help!

    Becoming Your Own Doctor :

    With Vitamin N's help you will discover your own healing powers. Food is not the enemy but your closest friend. With our help and support you will:

    • Deepen your understanding of the connection you make between you and your food
    • Find the foods that work best for you,
    • Boost your energy levels,
    • Clear up any chronic illnesses you may have,
    • Learn how to have fun with your food


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